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Taking care of Your Stick
If you don’t take proper care of your stick, your pocket will deform. If your pocket deforms, you lose accuracy. If you lose accuracy, you have to run to chase missed shots or passes. Even a stick that is strung perfectly will not stay that way without some simple maintenance. Here are some tips:
Normal Care 
  • When you put your stick away after a game (or practice, or wall-ball, or over the winter break) make sure that the pocket is pushed out and the mesh is not deformed in any way. Why? Humidity! If you store your stick with the mesh messed up, the mesh will stiffen in that shape over time.
  • At least once a week, check to make sure all of the shooting strings remain tied. Why? Over time, catch after catch, the knots will start to loosen. And use a basic knot, nothing fancy
  • Watch your butt. Make sure that rubber stop is on there, because they do fall off. Why? Refs will not allow a stick without one.
After Your Stick Gets Wet
After your stick gets wet it is critical that you take proper care of it, or your pocket will need to be broken in again. Some meshes stretch when they get wet, and others shrink when they dry. And they all stiffen up and “freeze” as they dry out.
  • When your stick gets really wet you need to absorb some water out of the mesh. You can do this by crinkling up some newspaper and putting it in your stick. A wadded up rag towel will also work.
  • When your stick dries it will harden in the way that you leave it. It is very important that your pocket is pushed out and formed the way you want it.
  • Do not try to speed things up by putting it near a heater, or blow drying it. Your mesh will almost certainly shrink if you do that.