Grow the sport in the communities of Somers Point, Linwood, and Northfield, New Jersey for both girls and boys.

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Parents are responsible for the cost of the uniform at $60. 

3rd, 5th, & 7th graders will be assigned odd numbers; 4th, 6th, & 8th graders are assigned even numbers.

Uniform Sizing
We set up some dates for your child to “try” on uniforms for sizing.  For boys, bring their shoulder pads.  For girls, have them wear a thick shirt. We cannot emphasize enough the importance for proper sizing.  The uniforms are running small, especially the jersey's/tank.
You will be notified by email when you can order the uniform. 

To order uniforms go to: TBD

Boys need to order a Boys Game Tank AND Game Shorts.
Girls need to order a Girls Game Tank AND Game Kilt. 

Cost is $30 for the tank, and $30 for the shorts/kilt.  You need to order BOTH. 

  • If you do not order within the time frame, and do not receive a uniform, your child cannot participate in games.
  • We will pick up the uniforms in early March and distribute at practice.   
  • If anyone needs assistance, please let us know.   

Uniforms can be worn in future years pending it still fits your child.  Uniforms consist of a jersey (top) and shorts (boys)/kilts (girls).  Both must be worn for games.  If a child does not have either the top or bottom they will not be permitted to play.  You cannot order an extra jersey or short/kilt separately without ordering an entire new uniform.    

Uniform design below - boys are on the left, girls on the right.  They are a reversible tank top with wide shoulders for the boys, and a fastback for the girls.  When sizing for the boys, be mindful of shoulder pads.  And for the girls, remember in March and April it is still cold, so they will be wearing a sweatshirt or a thick undershirt.